Stash Pot Shop: Bringing Ballard’s Community Closer Seattle recreational marijuana source

Ballard has gained an incredible community addition in Stash Pot Shop. The shop incorporates its motto–Community, Culture, Cannabis–into every aspect of its business. Located just off of Ballard Ave. and in the midst of popular businesses like Shelter Lounge, Hilliards and Cafe Mox, Stash Pot Shop adds to the inviting yet sophisticated atmosphere of the area. The shop’s quality product selection and its welcoming ambiance are definitely worthy of repeat visits.


Photo Credit: Stash Pot Shop

Stash Pot Shop had its grand opening on Saturday. The shop was hopping all day with 19 vendors and tons of excited patrons. The energy emitted on opening day showcased the vibe that Stash Pot Shop is intent on bringing to the area. A key component in relaying that vibe, the budtenders are friendly, observant and knowledgeable. With smiling faces, they knew exactly which products to suggest to all levels of cannabis users. They are an interesting mix of people who were sought after for their positions. Thousands of people applied to be a budtender at Stash Pot Shop, but only a handful made the cut. They are artists, analysts, customer-service experts, cannabis users… they are a huge part of what makes Stash Pot Shop so great.


Now, let’s speak a bit about Stash Pot Shop’s extensive product offerings. Their opening day selection was eclectic and all-encompassing, to say the least. The spacious glass display cases (submerged in gorgeous cherry wood) currently feature cookies from Winterlife Cannabis and The Goodship Company, among others. Ethos products are currently available, as well as High Altitude and Doc Croc. There are many pre-rolled options to accompany an impressive flower selection. The selection will change often to highlight many important aspects of the industry through numerous cannabis products. All the shop’s offerings are listed on three large television screens which display the selections of oils, flowers, edibles, etc.

Each product offered is hand picked by Shea, the mastermind behind the product selection, and his dad. They drove countless miles to find the best flower producers and vetted each option to provide only the best. You can be sure that the quality here is top-notch.


Photo Credit: Stash Pot Shop

The product is kept in cherry-wood drawers behind the counter. The shop’s creative design is definitely efficient. As I observed budtenders locating products for customers, I realized how well organized the shop is and how fluid everything was operating. KC, the shop’s owner, was a treat to chat with while he relayed his vision: a beautiful space, attention to detail and helping cannabis become approachable.

Stash Pot Shop is a great outlet for tourists and locals who are still not quite sure how they feel about legal cannabis. The people involved in this shop intend to negate the taboo which has clung to cannabis for decades and welcome everyone with high-quality products, a sophisticated shop layout, and friendly faces. Stash Pot Shop wants to represent the artistry and quality that is often underrepresented in the recreational cannabis industry. I’ve gotta say that, if my short time spent in the shop thus far is any indicator, they will have no problem accomplishing their vision.


Do yourself a solid and make a trip to Stash Pot Shop in Ballard. There will be a Lake City location opening shortly as well, so be sure to check out that location. Tell us about your experience! We would love to hear it.

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