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Are you looking for Seattle marijuana stores? Are you looking for a place to buy legal recreational marijuana strains? What about a place to purchase cannabis-infused edibles? Then this guide of marijuana stores in Seattle is for you! If you’re looking for a dispensary and you aren’t on the west coast, there are ways for you for to find those closes to you, for example if you’re in Ohio, you can check out the ohio dispensary directory. We will continue to update this page with the latest pot shop and openings. We are also going to provide the best websites to buy marijuana online. If you aren’t sure about a dispensary, you can always call your local dispensary to ask the questions that you may have about strains, CBD concentrations, and other CBD products. Dispensaries try their best to give their consumers a quality product making sure their products go through CBD testing and other types of quality control to ensure that their products are safe for consumers. Bookmark this page and check back often.

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1. SODO / Industrial District / Downtown

2. Capitol Hill / Central District / Magnolia

3. North Seattle / Shoreline / Greenwood

4. Ballard / Phinney Ridge / Fremont / Wallingford

5. South Seattle / Rainier

6. Bellevue / Outside of Seattle

SODO / Industrial District / Downtown – Seattle marijuana stores

With three Seattle marijuana stores and more to come, the up and coming SODO/Industrial District area of Seattle could be known as the marijuana district or Seattle’s little Amsterdam. In addition to the legal marijuana are a many other cannabis businesses such as the famous Magical Butter, Analytical 360 marijuana testing, SODO Hydro hydroponics retail store, and the MJBA Marijuana Business Association who holds their monthly meetings at the Magical Butter facilities.



Cannabis City

On July 6, 2014, this recreational marijuana store made history for being the first legal shop to open in Seattle. Hundreds upon hundreds lined up outside the shop, in the sweltering July heat, to be a part of this history. TV and media crew captured the special occasion while 65 year old grandmother Deborah Greene made the first purchase, Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes made an appearance along with I-502 architect Alison Holcomb. The first purchase of cannabis by Deborah Greene is now on display at the Museum of History and Industry.

James Lathrop is the owner of this Seattle marijuana store which is located in the heart of the Industrial District, just south of Downtown. Mr. Lathrop is a popular, active, and vocal, figure in the recreational and medical marijuana industry.

Address: 2733 4th Ave S Seattle, Washington 98134

Phone: (206) 682-1332

Closest Areas:

SODO, Industrial District, Downtown, Beacon Hill

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Ganja Goddess

This quaint, old world accented, recreational weed store was the 2nd store to open in the Industrial District/SODO area. Led by owner Tara Wells, Ganja Goddess has quickly become a fan favorite among Seattle marijuana connoisseurs. Not only does Tara keep the shelves well stocked with cannabis flowers, but she is has made it a mission to carry a very wide selection of marijuana infused edibles, which she is a huge fan of.

Upon entering Ganja Goddess, you will be greeted with walls of exposed brick, sparkling chandeliers of glass, and a hand-painted wall which sits in the back. The fact this legal weed shop rests in the iconic Vertigo building, is just icing on the cake.

Address: 3207 1st Ave S Unit A, Seattle, Wa 98134

Phone: (206) 682-7220

Closest Areas:

SODO, Industrial District, Downtown, Beacon Hill

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Seattle Cannabis Company

The Seattle Cannabis Company is the 3rd recreational weed store to open in the SODO/Industrial District area, south of downtown. This simplistic modern interior with beautiful dark wooden floor is host to many tier 1 and tier 2 cannabis products. The legal post shop is a favorite among tourists and carries the licensed line of accessories by Tommy Chong.

One of the featured producers of Seattle Cannabis co. is CannaSol Farms, along with Zion Botanicals who use organic methods to cultivate their products.

Address: 3230 1st Avenue South Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 294-5839

Closest Areas:

SODO, Industrial District, Downtown, Beacon Hill

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Dockside Cannabis (SODO)

Not only is Dockside located in the Shoreline area of North Seattle, but they have opened a second store in SODO. Because of this, maybe we will be one step closer to a Seattle Marijuana District?

Address: 1728 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 223-3724

Closest Areas:

SODO, Industrial District, Downtown

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Pot Shop

We like the name. Simple, short, and to the point.

Pot Shop is located in the cozy neighborhood of Fremont, close to Highway 99. This recreational marijuana boutique carries a little bit of everything including: edibles, flower, concentrates, oils, vaporizers, and topicals.

Address: 1628 Dexter Ave N Seattle, Wa 98109

Phone: (206) 402-6012

Closest Areas:

Queene Anne, Westlake

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Capitol Hill / Central District / Magnolia – Seattle marijuana stores

Because of city regulations, the highly populated and concentrated Capitol Hill neighborhood doesn’t have a recreational marijuana shop. But, right on the edge of the neighborhood, in the Central District neighborhood lies an oasis for the cannabis connoisseur.


Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop

Nestled on the outskirts of Capitol Hill, in the up and coming Central District, Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop officially became the 2nd Seattle recreational marijuana store to open. Led by serial entrepreneur Ian Eisenberg, Uncle Ike’s has quickly established itself as one of the most popular marijuana retail brands in the city.

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop sits on the corner of 23rd and Union, right next to its’ sister store: Uncle Ike’s Glass and Goods. It’s a can’t miss spectacle with green lit exterior lights, and beautiful signage branded with the classic looking Ike’s logo. While the pot shop sells just that: pot consumables, the sister store sells pipes, bongs, and other marijuana paraphernalia and accessories. Nearly 30% of all cannabis users also own a waterpipe bong, which can be found at, with most groups of teens, passing the device around the group which eliminates the need for each individual to own one!

For the most part things have been smooth sailing for Uncle Ike’s, but the shop has seen a lawsuit brought upon them but the church next door.

Address: 2310 East Union St. Seattle, Washington 98122

Phone: 1 (844) 420-4537

Closest Areas:

Central District, Capitol Hill, Mangolia

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North Seattle / Shoreline / Greenwood – Seattle marijuana stores

North Seattle is beginning to rival the SODO/Industrial District for legal marijuana supremacy, although the shops are a bit more spread out than South of downtown. Still, access to recreational weed shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in North Seattle.



Oz.(Ounce), is a recreational marijuana store located in North Seattle, off of Stone Way in Fremont/Wallingford neighborhoods. These purveyors of fine cannabis products are open every day and offer a fine selection of pre-rolled joints, flower, edibles, concentrates, and gear.

Address: 3831 Stone Way N. Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 251-0630

Closest Areas:

North Seattle, Fremont, Wallingford

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Ocean Greens

Oltion Hyseni has got to be one of the luckiest individuals on this side of the cascades. Not only did he win a lottery to win a green card which allowed him to leave communist Albania and move to the United States; lady luck struck again and he won one of the rare coveted recreational marijuana licenses, which allowed him to open one of the first legal weed shops in Seattle. I am sure, since then, a number of people have asked him for winning lottery numbers.

Ocean Greens is located off of Aurora in North Seattle, just north of Green Lake. A large vintage bar counter claims territory in the shop, with character driven accents which would even make Amsterdam proud. Which is no surprise since Oltion spent plenty of time in the famous Dutch city to gather inspiration for his mark on history.

Address: 9724 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA

(206) 453-4145

Closest Areas:

North Seattle, Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Crown Hill, Northgate, Maple Leaf

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Dockside Cannabis

Off of Aurora Avenue, in North Seattle Shoreline area, is Dockside Cannabis. This happy go lucky crew is not only inviting, professional, and knowledgeable, but they offer quality cannabis and make sure every piece of glass they sell is hand blown and from a local artisan. North Seattle is only the beginning.

Address: 15001 Aurora Ave North Suite 15029, Shoreline WA 98133

Phone: (206) 402-4839

Closest Areas:

North Seattle, Westminster, Shoreline

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Grass, a North Seattle recreational marijuana store, is conveniently located right off of 15th Ave N. and NE 145th Street. This boutique pot shop serves the Lake City, Shoreline, Lynnwood, Greenwood, and surrounding areas.

Grass carries a large range of flowers, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls from some of the best producers in the industry. They also carry a large selection of high-quality glass.

Address: 14343 15th Avenue NE Suite A, Seattle, WA 98125

Phone: (206)367-1483

Closest Areas:

North Seattle, Shoreline

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Mary’s Concentrate Kingdom Heady Glass Gallery & High End Marijuana

Mary’ Concentrate Kingdom stocks high quality flowers from some of the best producers in the industry. They are a heady pot shop catered towards true marijuana connoisseurs, carrying some of the finest Glass in the state as well as a huge supply of dank concentrates.

Address: 12230 Aurora Ave N. Seattle, Washington

Phone: 206-850-5200

Closest Areas:

North Seattle, Bitter Lake, Green Lake

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A Greener Today

Just off of Lake City Way in North Seattle is a recreational cannabis shop known as A Greener Today. This Seattle marijuana store has a long list of award winning strains from past cannabis cups. In edition to the legal pot shop, A Greener Today’s brand includes medical marijuana dispensaries.

Address: 10522 Lake City Way NE C103 Seattle Wa 98125

Phone: (206) 257-0894



Closest Areas:

Northgate, Lake City, Maple Leaf

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Herb(n) Elements

Located in Lake City, in North Seattle, Herb(n) Elements is a cozy urban retreat, accented by a beautiful wooden facade. This recreational marijuana store boasts a generous selection cannabis products including: flowers, concentrates, joints, and edibles, to name a few.

Address: 11013 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125

Phone: (206) 535-8769

Closest Areas:

Lake City, Northgate, Maple Leaf

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Ballard / Phinney Ridge / Fremont / Wallingford – Seattle marijuana stores

While Fremont, Wallingford, and the University District may never get a recreational cannabis store, Ballard should at least get a couple. Which is close enough for these areas to travel. If not, there is always North Seattle.


Herbs House

This former medical marijuana dispensary transformed into Ballard’s first recreational weed store. In fact, it was only a medical weed dispensary for just a short time before its’ transformation. Just like the name suggests, this curious shop does business in a house. The house has a hip and homey feeling.

Address: 716 Northwest 65th ST, Seattle, Wa 98117

Phone: (360) 379-6446

Closest Areas:

Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Fremont

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This recreational cannabis store is located off of Stone Way North, sandwiched between Wallingford and Fremont. A modern interior with earthy wood accents such as beams and shelving gives this store a homely feeling. This Seattle marijuana store will be a perfect neighborhood compliment to Fremont.

Address: 3540 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 946-8157

Closest Areas:

Fremont, Wallingford

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American Mary

Conveniently located off of the freeway on 45th North, American Mary joins the pot boom-ville of the Wallingford area.

Address: 321 NE 45th st Seattle, Wa

Phone: (415) 601-8404

Closest Areas:

Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Fremont

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South Seattle / Rainier Beach – Seattle marijuana stores

Just one legal pot shop has South Seattle and Rainier Beach area on lock down. But this area should get at least one more store. Stay tuned.


Clutch Cannabis

Clutch Cannabis, located off of Rainier Ave South, southeast of downtown and close to Cedar River, is led by recreational marijuana pioneer Tae Rhee, who spent to years preparing his shop for its’ prime time debut.

With an expertise in medical grade cannabis, Tae Rhee is constantly on the lookout for more than just quality grown cannabis. With shelves stocked with Top Shelf Cannabis, Fire Line, Secret Gardens of Washington and Ocean Grown; This Seattle marijuana store’s goal is for the customer to leave the store with something, rare, and unique.

Usual suspects include Avitas Agriculture, Liberty Reach, but Clutch Cannabis also carries some of the lesser known brands such as the explosive Bang’s Cannabis Company.

Address: 11537 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98178

Phone: (206) 457-8301

Closest Areas:

South Seattle, Rainier Beach, Renton

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Bellevue / Just outside Seattle

There are several Seattle marijuana stores just outside the city. Stay tuned as we update this part of the guide.



This busy recreational marijuana store is based just east of Seattle in downtown Bellevue. The interior boasts an ultra modern look which not only plays host to top of the line cannabis products, but to DJ’s as well. Yes, Green-Theory has been known to throw some cool parties (non-cannabis consumption, of course) that feature industry companies and their marijuana products.

Green-theory has a strong member following and has been a popular recreational pot shop addition right outside of Seattle.

Address: 10697 Main Street Suite B, Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone: (425) 502-7033

Closest Areas:


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The Novel Tree

The Novel Tree, a recreational cannabis store out of Bellevue, has established itself by partnering with smaller producers who value the end user as much they do. They believe that every strain has a story, that is channeled through their wide selection and variety of cannabis, which include strains with high CBD.

Address: 1817 130th Ave NE Suite B, Bellevue WA 98005

Phone: (425) 867-2700

Closest Areas:


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BelMar Bellevue Marijuana Store

This lively little Bellevue recreational marijuana shop has been known to put on a ‘show’ from time to time with Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony showing up for a meet and greet. BelMar makes a bold claim by having the best selection and best prices in the Eastside.

Address: 614 116th Ave NE, Bellevue Wa 98004

Phone: (425) 453-5749

Closest Areas:


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