Church’s Lawsuit Includes Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, Ocean Greens Record Low Prices & More! Seattle recreational marijuana source

Apparently praying and protesting wasn’t enough as the Mount Calvary Church has named Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, WSLCB, and the City of Seattle, as part of a lawsuit that could shut down the marijuana store. The suit states the shop is within 250ft of a teen recreation center which would be against I-502 regulations. Read more about this developing story here, at


Ocean Greens Record Low Prices

You thought the prices during grand opening were low? Then you haven’t seen low. Ocean Greens are selling Sage, Moby Dick, and Blue Bubba for 10 bucks per gram! This is $4 cheaper per gram than their least expensive strain during the grand opening celebration! Not sure how long this will last but we imagine it might only last as long as supplies can hold out.

Green Theory Grand Opening Celebration This Saturday

Tomorrow, Saturday October 25th, marks the grand opening celebration of Seattle areas Green Theory. Located in Bellevue, this shop just gives us another option, when legal pot shops are still fairly scarce. Green Theory will have a large variety of weed available: 28 strains from 6 producers.

Cheryl Schuman Launches Crowdsourcing Platform

The founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club has just launched a crowdsourcing platform,, which is exclusive to the industry. Got any grand ideas and dreams that you would like to turn into reality? Then it’s a perfect time to jump on this platform when the competition for investor’s dollars is minimal.

Photo of the Week

Talk about a quick learner! Dave, the new team member of Bang’s Cannabis Company, shows off what he did the first day. Not bad of an accomplishment for a first timer! A lot better than some people we know who have been smoking for a while.

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