Marijuana Review: ZootDrops Relaxation Blend Seattle recreational marijuana source

Hello, ahoy-hoy, and exhale cough cough – AHEM – mm, where was I? Ah yes, this week we’ve taken a break from flowers, and also from candy edibles – we’re looking at a straight liquid concentrate: Db3‘s Zoots Zoot Drops Relaxation Blend. You can find it at your friendly neighborhood pot shop, or use Db3’s store/product finder (neato).


We touched on the producer of Zoots products in our review of ZootRocks – but let’s take a closer look at Db3. The company was started by three brothers (surname Devlin), and they have pioneered a cannabis oil extraction method that yields some serious potency and freshness. Based in Seattle, Db3 is committed to bringing the customer a friendly, consistent and artisan experience with their marijuana blends. We picked up the Zoots Zootdrops from Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in the Central District.

The packaging for ZootDrops Relaxation Blend is a little bottle, basically like an eye-dropper-esque instrument where you can pump out proportionate sums of THC-liquid-goodness. Having the option to just pop this in your pocket, and mix it at will is seriously radical – but just remember that public consumption of marijuana (in any form) is illegal, so be careful about where you mix yo’ self.


Normally we would discuss the specifics of the product – but there are many ingredients to list, and all that’s really important is that a “serving” is considered a teaspoon (10mg of THC).

Looking at the liquid, it’s slightly viscous – yet it mixes well into cool drinks and hot drinks alike. When seeing the ZootDrops poured into a teaspoon, I realized that the Zoots branding and packing made the product feel a lot more safe. If I had an unlabeled bottle of this stuff however, I think my wariness would significantly increase.


ZootDrops Relaxation Blend smells like lemon and green tea. It’s notably blended with key tea ingredient L-Theanine, which (according to wikipedia) has abilities to reduce mental and physical stress, improve cognition, and boost mood and cognitive performance in a manner similar to caffeine.


The taste is tart, and lemony (“lemon” is the flavor). This author tried mixing ZootDrops Relaxation Blend with soda (a Dr. Pepper-esque flavor), and with yerba mate tea. Frankly, the tartness worked really well with the soda – but not so much with the tea (which is surprising, as I had expected the opposite). For those who like lemon with their tea, the combination would probably be enjoyable.


Getting high with ZootDrops Relaxation Blend is an exercise in patience and balance. This author sampled the recommended amount, then twice that amount (separate days). The feeling of subtle relaxation is similar to what you get while smoking a cbd therapy strain. You get lost in the clouds – but to let your body be heavy with comfort, while not being totally ripped out of your skull is what you can achieve if you let this relaxation blend do its job (and by that I mean, don’t smoke while waiting for the drops to kick in – just let it roll solo).

Creative projects and chilling out are a must when partaking. It’s hard to imagine many people going on a hike, or being outdoors-y – but I’m sure there are some who could make it work for them (more power to you). For me, I was pretty much stuck once the couch lock and chamomile took control – it was light on the mind, but deep in the muscles. A true body high.

Db3 has something fine here, with ZootRocks and ZootDrops, and I’m excited for whatever we review next from this stellar local producer.

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