Marijuana review: Tangerine Dream by Monkey Grass Farms Seattle recreational marijuana source

Every once and a while, a superior strain will walk your way.  This week we had a lovely greeting with a little doozy called Tangerine Dream, produced by Monkey Grass Farms.  Tangerine Dream is available at various Seattle area 502 retailers, and throughout Washington.

Monkey Grass Farms was the first Tier III licensed producer and processor in North Central Washington.  A family owned producer, they are based out of Chelan County, WA.

It’s funny because the first recreational marijuana I bought in Washington was from Monkey Grass Farms, a batch of Night Train.  I waited all day in a line for that gram, because the experience was more important then the reward.  A year later, we come full circle to a blossoming business with supply to meet the demand; it’s truly an inspiring change to witness.

According to their website, Monkey Grass Farms uses “old school methods with the application of new technology to grow the best possible product in the state”.  After sampling the strain at hand, I would definitely agree that MGF has some fine product.

The Specifics:

THC Total: 18.4%
CBD: 0.4%

Strain: Tangerine Dream
Species: Indica
Smell: Tangerine/Orange/Nectar + Spice + Hay
Taste: Tang (the astronaut drink) + Bonfire + Skunk/Cheese
Launch Point: 8 minutes after smoking
High: Creative + Deep + Pain-relieving


Holding the glass vial in front of my eyes, the Tangerine Dream nugs jingled around like bells.  The strain is a delicious shade of light green, adorned with tangerine-orange hairs.  Darker green pockets of kief crusted leaves occasionally pop up, but all they want to do is shower you in crystals (when you break them apart).

Smelling Tangerine Dream is like being on an orange farm, or something.  The sensation of tangerine and hay is unmistakable, accompanied by a spice/tea scent.  Some nugs will make the air thick with their funk, but this strain is pleasant like a scented candle – let it air out!

The taste, though not as intense as the smell, definitely reminds me of Tang – the powdered drink famed for it’s use in space by astronauts (and in a commercial) during the Gemini mission.  There was also a distinct skunky bonfire essence – carrying over from the hay smell, I’d imagine.


Tangerine Dream has a solid body high, which helps a lot for those in need of relief from pain, or stress.  There is also a strong cerebral element to this strain, offering creativity and intense phosphenes (swirls when you close your eyes!). It’s kind of a creeper, but this author was stoned within 10 minutes of smoking (and vaping).

A creamsicle on a beach.  A crisp orange on a hike.  An Old Fashioned cocktail in downtown Seattle.  These are all fantastic opportunities to capitalize on, including Tangerine Dream in your own personal tangerine dream.  Whatever you are doing this summer, you got to make sure you give this fresh strain a try.

Thanks to Monkey Grass Farms for the excellent product, High Above Seattle looks forward to sampling more strains and products from the local producer in the near future.

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