Marijuana Review: Super Lemon Haze by Green Haven Seattle recreational marijuana source

August, the month of realizing that summer’s almost over – better make it count.  This isn’t the time to get burnt out or tired, no sir.  Super Lemon Haze by Green Haven is here with the coffee to give you that nudge you need, first thing.  A true morning strain to help you ease into the day, or evening.

We picked up Super Lemon Haze for $30/3.5 grams from American Mary*, while catching Pokemon in Wallingford.  Pro tip, someone’s often using a lure at Dicks (two blocks away).

There isn’t much to say about the producer, because they have no internet presence.  No matter though, here’s what I’ve got: based out of Granite Falls, Washington – Green Haven was established in 2014.


Seriously though (in this author’s opinion) it doesn’t matter about tweets and websites.  Give me affordable, decent marijuana and lord knows I’ll try it.  I’m always looking for something to placate the voices (kidding), and certain times a heavy-hitting strain is too heavy.  ♫ Well, that’s why Super Lemon Haze done me right, ‘cuz on her feet the high’s so light ♫.

Lay me some specifics:

THC A: 19.68% CBD A: .03% CBD: .02%

Total THC: 17.85%

Strain: Super Lemon Haze
Species: Sativa
Date Harvested: 07/03/16
Smell: Earthy + Bubblegum
Taste: Sweet + Citrus
Launch Point: Creeper (6 – 8 minutes after smoking)
High: Good Mornin’ + Pleasant + Light + Crisp +No Sedation

Born from Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze, this is a popular sativa – enough to win the Seattle cannabis cup (2014).  This strain is typically (medically) prescribed for stress, and pain (headaches/migraines).

This particular iteration from Green Haven was super fluffy, and vibrantly green.  The delicate buds were heavily cone shaped,  bristling with kief and robust orange hairs.


Talking about smell, there was definitely a fruity bubblegum aspect.  I could smell dirt too, like an earthiness; it worked, I can dig the duality of aromas.  The taste was noticeably sweet, with perhaps a lemon-citrus thing going on (I say “perhaps” because sometimes the names get me, placebo effect and all that).

Getting high with Super Lemon Haze is a positive experience.  I enjoyed it as either a morning weed, or an appetizer to bigger things (evening-wise).  It’s nice to have bud to balance out your tolerance, and serve as a base to build upon (I’m talking about getting more high as the day progresses, without peaking before making the conscious decision to collapse into bed).


I can get up, smoke some of this strain, and go about my day in an efficient manner that it is also lifted.  As a stoner, we all know that after a good night’s sleep, the first toke of the day is going to get you super high.  Look at it as climbing a mountain, I’d rather start at an even pace as opposed to a sprint.

If you’re looking to give this strain a try, or other products from Green Haven – swing by American Mary* in Wallingford, or let us know in the comments section if your local pot shop carries products from Green Haven.

*American Mary advertises on High Above Seattle, which in no way influences the products we buy or our perception of enjoyment.  We strive to find new names that we haven’t sampled before, and sometimes wind up with a strain worth talking about, but a dead-end on producer information.

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