Marijuana Review: Sonic Screwdriver by Life Gardens Seattle recreational marijuana source

A Sonic Screwdriver is something that helps you open doors, it helps you use your mind to interact with reality. It’s used by my favorite crime fighting alien The Doctor, so when I came across a strain called Sonic Screwdriver – my natural reaction was: geronimo!

We picked up the strain from Fremont’s OZ, a pot shop that I frequent. Sonic Screwdriver is made under the name Spark, but it’s actually part of a larger producer known as Life Gardens. “Spark” is their brand name (if you will) for a specific line of grown marijuana strains.


Not going to beat around the bush, another alluring feature of this Sonic Screwdriver is that it was $63 for 7 grams. In this day and age of soaring prices, it’s nice to find some producers who make a seriously excellent product for a price that everyone can afford.

Let’s take a specific look at said product:

THC: 0.56% THC A: 13.6% CBD: 0.24%

Total: 14.4%

Strain: Sonic Screwdriver
Species: Sativa
Smell: Skunk + Tropical Fruit
Taste: Sweet + Funky
Launch Point: 5 minutes after smoking
High: Productive + Creative + Energizing

These buds were a little on the crispy side, but the color and fragrance made up for it. Looking at the photos there is some serious purples and deep greens going on, complimented by a smattering of keef. The close up really shows the glorious trichomes of Sonic Screwdriver.

Talking about smell above, it’s not to be ignored. The aroma of tropical fruit is highly present, a lovely smelling strain all around. When smoking out of my pipe, there was a distinct sweetness – made even stronger in taste when vaping the nugs. Those of you who already use premium vape juice should know how much that can change the flavor of things, so it makes sense.

When The Doctor shows up, it’s out of nowhere – his vessel (known as the TARDIS) travels through space and time. That’s kind of like the high for Sonic Screwdriver, it arrives and whisks you off to other worldly delights of productivity, creativity, and positive vibes.

Fittingly, the EMP museum (in downtown Seattle) was having a Doctor Who event on Sunday. After partaking in some Sonic Screwdriver, we headed down to Seattle center. The rain was driving, as we waited in line (even though we had printed the tickets out before). I was wearing a fez hat, because I don’t have a trench coat, or sand shoes (it’s a Whovian thing). We were looking forward to the event.

What followed was a thinly veiled casual gathering, with nothing more then a Doctor Whole sticker oafishly slapped upon it. We tried to do the trivia, but the PA system was so blown – it sounded worse then a drive-through speaker. The guy on the mic couldn’t pronounce Nefertiti’s name right, he said it incorrectly at least 4 times through the course of the 20 minutes we were in his distorted shouting area. “Read a book!” someone yelled.


There were ample libations, which was great; however the price gouging was real. I suppose that’s something to expect these days, such is the cost of enjoying a brew. They had some folks caroling christmas music, and a brass band playing holiday tunes – again, both having nothing to do with Doctor Who (other then that there is a holiday special episode every year… which if that was the intention, good job?)

Not trying to be a debbie downer, just giving my full report of this event while being super stoned on Sonic Screwdriver, which truly blasted me through the few hours we were there; keeping things peppy and interesting. We got some selfies with Daleks and the blue phone box, it was kinda fun. The experience was certainly uplifted by the strain at hand.

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