Marijuana Review: Snoops Dream by AuricAG Seattle recreational marijuana source

Some might say that Snoop Dogg and marijuana are synonymous entities. Let’s entertain this thought, and dig deeper: not only does he own a marijuana production operation named Leafs by Snoop (was “leaves” taken?), but the Doggfather has also bequeathed his name to various strains and marijuana products. This week we take a look at Snoops Dream, by AuricAG.

A Seattle based producer, AuricAG pride themselves on their “Gold Standard”. This is, in essence, a pledge to make high quality buds. Currently the official website is under construction and pretty plain (albeit a helpful Locations page), but hopefully we’ll see more from them soon.


I tried their Dutch Treat (off the review record), and it was a solid indica hybrid. After smoking this stupefying Snoops Dream, it was clear to me that AuricAG makes some fantastic weed. This week’s strain in particular has become an instant favorite and would make some wonderful Wholesale CBD product.

One thing to acknowledge is the inclusion of a “pesticides” field on the testing info sticker. Seeing that was a first for me, and I was kind of confused; unsure of whether to applaud AuricAG for being up front with the information, I looked into the listed pesticide Azamax (Neem Oil). Neem seeds have naturally occurring pesticide properties, and are pretty harmless (apparently).

Without going on too much of a tangent, I really wonder if other producers simply omit the pesticide field because they use alleged harmless natural products. There are those who brand themselves “pesticide free”, others that don’t acknowledge the subject all, and then there are folks like AuricAG who wear it proud.


Time for this week’s Specifics:

THC A: 20.5%
CBD: .10%
Total THC: 20.9%
Total Cannabinoids: 21.2%

Strain: Snoops Dream
Species: Hybrid
Smell: Lemon Cleaner + Licorice
Taste: Funky Berry + Lemon
Launch Point: 3-10 minutes
High: Heavy + Entrancing

The bud feels crisp, and dense. Colors of light green, with long red hairs. I put the nugs in a dish for the photos, because it looks so good I could eat it. It reminds me of other quality products in the same vein, such as 10000 mg hemp oil from CBD Simply to name but one.

Talking about looking good, Snoops Dream is fragrant. Sometimes you get that chemical-like Pine sol smell from certain herbs, and this is one of them. The lemon scent follows through to the flavor, along with a berry aftertaste.


Snoops Dream is a perfect strain to unwind with; there is a decent body vibe, and the head high is strong. One of my favorite things about the high is that it’s a creeper, slowly peaking until arrival at a state of euphoric distraction. Kiss your tasks goodbye as this bud melts you to the couch.

I believe it was in boarding school when I had my first interaction with a Snoop Dogg marijuana product. It was an edible that had the likeness of the Snoopy-man-hybrid on the cover of Doggystyle. My friend had got it from a medical dispensary, or something like that. I remember being knocked on my ass, and wouldn’t you know it – Snoops Dream did the same thing. Clearly I need more Snoop Dogg related marijuana products in my life. There are so many beautiful marijuana products to enjoy in the world, perhaps you want to try something from a different culture and country because you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out texas cbd guide to help you understand CBD oil in Texas. This is great as CBD oil is known to support and bring relief to the body, it has lots of physical benefits as well as mental health benefits too, this is great to use for healing.

If you’d like to try this weeks strain, or find AuricAG products – hit up SODO’s Ganja Goddess, or Fremont’s OZ (check menus beforehand for availability).

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