Marijuana Review: Pineapple Explosion from 420 Natural Inc. Seattle recreational marijuana source

Weed that tastes good is always a plus. Frankly all kinds of nugs have interesting flavors to me, but this Pineapple Explosion packs some serious hits in the taste buds.

High Above Seattle swung by newly opened Fremont pot shop OZ (short for “ounce”), and picked up a 1/4 of the strain for $63 – tax included. I’m not one to shy on shekels for good herb, but OZ has some crazy awesome prices for excellent nugs and a cool store design to match. Check ’out today (and then grab a wood fired bagel across the street from Eltana :D).

Pineapple Explosion is made by 420 Natural Inc., hailing out of Tumwater, WA. They may not have a website, but they’ve got social media covered with Facebook & Twitter accounts. If you’ve not heard of this company before, you might want to read up on the origin of 420 to understand where they got the name from. Here’s a little about the operation:

We are a soil medium grower that is also pesticide free so our consumers will be worry free of consuming unnecessary harsh chemicals that other growers may use. We also take pride on having our cannabis being smoother to smoke than others by the way our Master Grower harvests, cures, and how the plants grow.

“Master grower”, I like the sound of that. Just like a cheese monger, or sommelier – the master grower excels at creating fantastic marijuana. I applaud 420 Natural Inc. for taking necessary steps to ensure their product is as natural as possible, and for conscripting such a talented bud guru when it comes to growing (because this strain is strong and wonderful).

Let’s look at some specifics:

Total THC: 18.38% CBD: .882%

Total Cannabinoid: 22.12%

Strain: Pineapple Explosion
Species: Sativa
Smell: Pineapple + Fennel + Skunk
Taste: Sweet + Lavender + Fennel + Pineapple
Launch Point: 2 minutes after smoking
High: Crisp + Light Spaciness + Motivating + Euphoric

The buds themselves are crispy, sporting a green blanket of crystal coated goodies that morph from nug to leaf to red hair and back again. Pineapple Explosion burns nicely by bowl, bong, and vape; it’s also to be said that there is an element of smoothness to the smoke. Mmm.

When opening the package, the smell is instant. Pineapple Explosion is a fierce strain, immediately permeating your surrounding area with pungent pineapple stink waves (like in the cartoons). If you’re going to name a strain after a fruit, the nugs better smell like that fruit – and so they do! We also picked up hints of fennel, licorice, and even dill.

Tasting is akin to what was smelled, serving up robust flavors of sweet fennel. There was a floral nature to the strain as well, something along the lines of lavender. Needless to say, Pineapple Explosion is a delicious strain.

Getting high with Pineapple Explosion is a versatile experience. For being a sativa, there is an undeniable “indica spaciness” – but not enough to overtake the lightness, and euphoria that prevails. This is a strong strain that I would not recommend to a first time smoker, but since I don’t know any of those – I’d highly recommend this bud to all you readers, and anyone looking for a superb toke.

Sunny day/rainy day, indoor/outdoor, social/solitary, motivated/couch potato – it’s time to choose your own adventure with 420 Natural Inc’s feel good strain: Pineapple Explosion. Thanks for reading, thanks to the producer for the fantastic product, and we’ll see you next week.

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