Marijuana Review: Jack Skellington by Lopez and Orr Seattle recreational marijuana source

Any day, we can all feel out of place; some sort of brooding cartoon character hybrid harnessed to a reality that is, saying it simply, off-putting at times.  You do your best to sing, and dance – but after a certain point you hit f*** it.  Jack Skellington by Lopez and Orr is here to answer your existential troubles, and possibly that meta-holiday-identity crisis we’ve all been dealing with (thank God).

I picked up the strain from Have-a-Heart (in Fremont) for $35/3.5 grams.  It was the budtender’s recommendation in my preferred price range.  On top of being a new producer to review, there was the whole “used to watch Nightmare Before Christmas after school every day” thing, so I was sold.


Based out of Spokane, there isn’t a ton of information available on Lopez and Orr.  They’ve got a website with information about their products (conveniently not the strain at hand in this review), but I’d like to know more in terms of their process and ideology – when it comes to growing/processing herb, I mean.

Let’s talk about the herb:

THC: 0.1% THC A: 22.4% CBD: 0.1% Total THC: 19.6% Total Cannabinoids: 22.4%

(this math doesn’t make sense to me, it’s probably rounded numbers)

Strain: Jack Skellington
Species: Sativa
Smell: Lemon + Cheese
Taste: Banana + Christmas + Halloween
Launch Point: 3-5 minutes after smoking.
High: Chill + Balanced +Refuge from the Storm

The proud child of Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper, Jack Skellington “promises an intensely psychoactive experience that brings creativity and introspection to a new level” (according to Leafly).  Typically this strain is medically prescribed to fight anxiety and stress, it could help with headaches and migraines too!


Jack Skellington looks like it was kissed by the sun, all glistening with trichomes and kief.  The buds were delicate, and smoked smoothly out of a pipe.  Harvested in May, the nugs still were fresh – not dry, or harsh.

Popping open the lid, a combo of fruity lemon and funky cheese emerged from the container.  A stinky strain is often a good sign, praise pungency.  Oddly enough, the taste was all banana.  Go figure.

Getting high with Jack Skellington is like being stuck in a rainstorm, and suddenly a roof appears above your head – sheltering you from the storm.  I’m not a stoner (cue the Half Baked “stoner” stamp on my forehead), but it’s easy to escape with this strain packed in your pipe.  Plenty of things in this world are worth fretting over, but worrying/bloviating gets us nowhere – action is the only way forward, and maybe getting stoned will push things forward.


I’m not suggesting turning to intoxicants when feeling down; more so, when the troubles of whatever you’re dealing with are too much, it helps to get a little abstract for perspective (it may be just me who feels this way).  For what it’s worth: do what you feel like, smoke weed whenever, wubba lubba dub dub, etc.  I’ll see you next week.

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