High Five Interview: Oltion Hyseni, Ocean Greens Seattle recreational marijuana source

‘High Five’ is an interview where we choose someone from the local marijuana industry who is deserving of appreciation.

Oltion Hyseni is the owner of Ocean greens. The fact that he is the owner is pretty amazing since he had to win not just one lottery, but two lotteries (recreational marijuana retail license lottery AND a green card lottery), to be in the position he’s in. Talk about lady luck on his side.

We would like to thank this recreational marijuana store owner for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer the following questions. For opening Ocean Greens,  we give Oltion Hyseni a ‘High Five.’

1) Predict the Future. Three years from now what does the local Seattle recreational marijuana industry look like and where are we nationally?

I am not a magician who predicts the future, but I know that the  hardworking, intelligent, and business-minded people in the recreational marijuana industry will make sure that the local product and culture finds its place in our colorful social Seattle scene. One thing is certain; competition and category diversity will lower pricing for the public. As a business owner and local Seattleite, this is something for the consumers and industry to really look forward to.

Ocean Greens is committed to serve a contemporary responsible marijuana lifestyle for all adults 21 and over. Washingtonian entrepreneurship and innovation can and should lead the way for the national marijuana industry. Wherever there is a demand, there is a market, and I think soon, it will be no different nationally than as it is in Washington. After all, this is the United States of America.

2) Go back to the age of 21. Someone tells you that you would open a marijuana shop in Seattle in 2014. How do you react and what do you say?

If someone told me this, I would not believe it! I was 21 years old when I applied for my Green Card US Immigration Lottery, and I received it at age 23. I then moved to Seattle and this feels like I have won again! I would say that this was my dream and now it is a reality with owning and operating Ocean Greens.

3) What is your favorite part about running Ocean Greens? What is the most challenging?

Serving behind the bar, getting to know different customers, and sharing life stories with them are some of my favorite parts of my business. It’s like we’ve known each other for a much longer time. Best job in the world!

4) Who is your role model and why?

Barack Obama. He has been a revolutionary and optimistic President, even though many criticize him.

5) Martian Mean Green, Schnazzleberry, and Trainwreck, are some of our favorite names for strains of cannabis. Here’s your chance! If you could name a strain of cannabis, what would you name it?

Ocean Greens Dream

Oltion Hyseni blowing glass at Ocean Greens.

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