Edible Review: Oatmeal Cookie by Magic Kitchen Seattle recreational marijuana source

Lately I’ve been getting more into edibles; portable, discreet, and easy.  Flowers and wax go straight to the dome, which certainly has it’s time and place – but sometimes we all just want that slow build.  A steady, pulsing high that exponentially builds and culminates in a lasting peak.  Who wouldn’t want that?  We’re talking about the same thing, right?


Magic Kitchen is a brand under NorthWest Cannabis Solutions (NWCS, for short).  This edible-only offshoot offers cookies, chocolate truffles, gummies and more.  I typically get a pack of four 10mg cookies for $10, so expect to see similar prices at your local pot shop.  Don’t know where to get Magic Kitchen/NWCS products?  Pop on down to the end of the review for a couple suggestions on where to snag some cookies and whatnot.

Looking at the producer’s website, there is a small blurb about the edible branch: “A full line of delicious sweets from the kitchen of our Master Chef”.  As expected, they’ve clearly got Gordan Ramsey slaving away on some first-class chronic treats.  I dig the chocolates, and the cookies – but the gummy was meh.  It’s all subjective, just thought I’d share my thoughts.  I’m a traditionalist, what can I say?  I also like cookies in general, go figure.

Show me the specifics:

THC: 10mg per serving

Subject: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Manufactured: 05/06/16
Best by: 11/06/16
Launch Point: start feeling it 20-30 minutes after consuming
High: Creeper + Focused + Abstract Decision-Making + Creative


Since I don’t know the specific strain(s) that went into the cookies and hence can’t go into detail on lineage or history, it seemed appropriate to touch on the background of edibles as a whole.  Apparently, the original reports of marijuana consumables range from the 10th to the 15th century.  India had bhang (a marijuana beverage), and Europe had On Honorable Pleasure and Health (not just the first cookbook printed containing a weed recipe, the first cookbook printed.  Ever.  Yeah.)

Not gonna lie, I did not know that fact going into this review.  To find out humankind’s earliest printed cookbook proudly featured a method to make “marijuana nectar” is profoundly important to me, and yet another example of how casually Googling something can lead to a different outlook.


The cookies were “packaged fresh”, and tasted like chocolate chip (didn’t really pick up any oatmeal).  Consistency was that of a Chips Ahoy; I truly believe this edible could be mistaken as a “regular” mini-treat to anyone unwise and they’d continue to be none the wiser until the high kicked in. So be sure to keep this edible out of reach of anyone but yourself.

Having a decent tolerance, one 10mg cookie provided a subtle head change.  Taking two was way more noticeable in terms of being stoned, but still being able to function normally in the public’s eye.  Constant euphoria, and a positive attitude to take on the world – that’s what I was bestowed; it was one of my better experiences consuming weed.


After spending some time blazed on edibles, it dawned upon me that critical thinking seemed to become easier after munching a marijuana-infused morsel.  Tasks and practices that were once monotonous take on a new light, giving way to metaphysical and (sometimes strangely) efficient methods; previously unthought of, or unrealized.

In many ways that’s the true power of marijuana: providing self-realization, and an abstract confidence that is comforting in the face of life’s utter chaos.  You can find NWCS/Magic Kitchen products at:  American Mary (Wallingford), Belmar(Bellevue), Clutch Cannabis (Renton), Have a Heart (Greenwood/Fremont), among many other locations.

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