Bummer, Dude! Cannabis City Has Run Out of Marijuana, Will Restock on Tuesday…Maybe. Seattle recreational marijuana source

UPDATE: No need to fret anymore about marijuana shortages. Weed shops in Seattle are up and running.

Cannabis City, Seattle’s only recreational pot shop, has run out of marijuana again. According to their answering machine they will not have a resupply until this coming Tuesday (July 29th), although the voice on the machine wasn’t so sure.

This info was not inline with what was reported on the 16th of July by Jake Ellison and the Seattle PI. According to Cannabis City manager Amber McGowan, “We will be open on the 25th with enough product to remain open, with continuous supplies from then on.”

How quickly things change in what has been an interesting and unpredictable rollout. If you need to add to your glass or paraphernalia collection, Cannabis City will remain open during this pot drought. Be patient!

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