Avitas Agriculture: Tour of a Recreational Marijuana Farm Seattle recreational marijuana source

Less than an hour North of Seattle, in a sleepy little rural town known as Arlington, is the farm and base of operations for recreational marijuana producer Avitas Agriculture. Upon arriving, if you have any doubts whatsoever of the correct address, just step outside and breathe in the air. If you are greeted with a pungent pleasant smell of cannabis, enough to practically knock you off your feet, then you’ve come to the right place.

Avitas is a Tier 2 Producer, which means it’ a medium sized farm, between 2,000 and 10,000 square feet featuring commercial greenhouse construction and supplies. Most all of their operations are in two warehouse styled buildings, excluding a house which is used as their employee lounge. The smaller building is where everything is trimmed, weighed, packaged, and readied for shipment. The larger building, which is divided into sections, is where the cannabis is grown from seed to adult. For indoor plant growth, Avitas will most likely need to make use of high-quality grow lights from the likes of Scynce LED to ensure efficient and more productive yields. For cannabis plants especially, it is very important to have all the right conditions in place so that the plants are supplied with adequate nutrition and thus are able to grow to their fullest.

When touring a farm such as Avitas, it becomes obvious that one doesn’t learn how to grow overnight, or over a year for that matter. It is something that is continually learned and crafted over time and enhanced through experience. Try talking with Jason Smit, the chief grower – or the manager Adam Smth – and you’ll be asking for ‘cliff notes’ or beg not to be tested at the end. Simply stated, there is a lot that goes into growing marijuana.

Did you know?

  • Avitas Agriculture resides on roughly 8.5 acres in a picturesque rural location
  • Jason Smit learned how to grow cannabis from ‘High Times’ magazine in his late teenage years and proudly continues to hone his craft
  • Avitas is especially conscious about their branding and naming of cannabis strains. ie., What is usually called ‘Durbin Poison,’ they call: Durbin (minus the Poison part of the name) or what is usually called ‘Girl Scout Cookies,; they call: GSC.

Looking out at surrounding areas.


Inside growing area.


Jason Smit, Head of Product (Chief Grower)


Adam Smith, Manager


Applying labels to marijuana packaging


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