2 Glaring Differences Between Washington & the Newest Legal Pot State: Alaska Seattle recreational marijuana source

Alaska has just become the 3rd state in the country to officially legalize recreational marijuana. This begins the long and tedious process of creating the rules to regulate the industry. There are lots of countries that are taking action to make weed legal for medical purposes at least and hopefully for recreational use as well. For example, Germany has legalized medical use but now we just need them to legalize recreational use so more people can take advantage of this Wachstumsführer site. Closer to home, hopefully, more states take after Alaska.

This means the first recreational pot shop to grace the landscape of the great frontier will not be until next year. Until then, Alaskans won’t be able to purchase weed legally, but they do have a way to obtain it which leads us to the 2 glaring differences between Washington State & Alaska recreational marijuana laws.

1. You can grow marijuana plants in the privacy of your home in Alaska, not in Washington

Despite being the first state in the country to officially legalize marijuana, Washington has lagged behind Colorado and now Alaska, in allowing residents to grow marijuana in their own home. Under the current law, it is illegal for Washingtonians to grow their own marijuana, unless you received a license as a producer. In Alaska, you can now grow up to 6 plants in your home.

2. $100 fine if you are caught consuming marijuana in public? OUCH!

It is illegal in both states to smoke marijuana in public. But the main difference is in the fines. In Washington, if you are caught smoking in public, you are looking at a $27 fine – which is the same as consuming alcohol in public. Even so, public consumption of marijuana laws are very relaxed.

In Alaska, the law for public consumption of marijuana is strictly enforced with $100 fines.

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