New Game Day Edibles Just in Time for the Superbowl!

Craft Elixirs 12th Man cannabis infused syrups

As the Seattle Seahawks return to the Super Bowl this sunday, local I-502 businesses are doing their best to support the Seattle team and provide fans with game day goodies.

Some producers are coming up with marijuana strain to support the Seahawks or players, while some retailers are putting together Super Bowl specials. And to top it all off, some local processors are making edibles that should be perfect for the loudest fans in the league.

Spot Brand 12th Man Flavored Chocolates

The SPOT brand of infused baked goods and chocolates has released a special SPOT 12th Milligram Fan Chocolates pack with commemorative packaging. Each pack contains three 4 mg pieces of dark chocolate so every fan can get their 12.

Another product out before the big game is Seattle Simple Fan syrup by Craft Elixirs. This simple syrup contains 80 mg THC and they recommend adding it to a pregame oatmeal snack or a postgame coffee and everything in between. We will see if any other products come out prior to Sundays game and as always, GO HAWKS!

Craft Elixirs Cannabis Infused Syrup


SPOT 12th Milligram Fan Chocolates is available at the following stores: Cannabis City, Uncle Ike’s, Green Theory and Oceans Green

Craft Elixirs 12th man syrup is available at the following stores: Rain City Cannabis, Sativa Sisters, Margie’s Pot Shop, Main St. Marijuana, Lucid, Ocean Greens, Greenside Rec, Green Theory, Sea Change Cannabis, Grass, Green Lady, New Vansterdam, 420 Friendly, HWY 420, Dockside Cannabis, and Cannabis City.

Should Budtenders Have Experience Consuming Marijuana?

budtenders experience smoking marijuana

In many retail settings employees are required to fully understand the product they are selling. However, in many Washington State recreational marijuana stores, smoking the product in order to better understand it is not required. Known as “budtenders“, recreational marijuana sellers are often considered valuable employees if they do not smoke marijuana. In fact, one particular retail shop trains all of its’ budtenders and insists that non of them need to have experience smoking cannabis. Maybe a trained budtender is okay with some consumers, but some may be skeptical about buying from vendors who have not experienced consuming cannabis which raises legitimate questions and concerns.

A Car Salesman Who Has Never Driven a Car

Consider this: You are in the market for a new car, so you head to your local motor-vehicle dealership. A car salesman approaches you to lend an informative hand, with intentions to help you choose the right make and model for your needs. However, after a few minutes into the conversation, the salesman admits that he has not driven any of the cars himself; in fact, he has never driven a vehicle in his life. It is not out of line to assume that you would no longer heed this salesman’s advice. Understanding the effects of different marijuana strains on the body is a lot like driving a car. Smoking allows one to experience all of the different sensations that each individual strand of cannabis provides, just as driving a car allows a person to understand sensations and concerns associated with being in control of a massive piece of machinery.

The Expectation is Warranted

The legality of recreational marijuana in Washington has encouraged many people who have never tried cannabis before to test out a strain or two. In this case, budtenders who have tried different strains and know what to expect while high are valuable assets. Placing this expectation on budtenders’ experience is warranted, because their job is to help customers choose the right cannabis strands, as well as advise on the amounts of cannabis the customer should consume to reach desired effects.  For a frequent recreational-marijuana user, experienced budtenders are better capable of recommending a strand of cannabis similar to other strands that the customer enjoys. Receiving training without consuming cannabis does not help budtenders relate with customers who wish to know more about a strain’s high. Without this knowledge, budtenders may not be relating to the customer in ways to encourage return business.

Solution? Rank Budtenders Based on Whether or Not They Smoke

In efforts to help cannabis users receive comprehensive assistance when purchasing various strains, ranking budtenders would be beneficial. In order for a budtender to receive a “level two” rating, the employee would need to be wholly informed about particular strains through consuming the cannabis, as well as understand the strand’s properties, like THC level. A “level one” budtender does not smoke cannabis, but instead learns about differing strands through required training and study. Basically, higher ranked budtenders will provide experienced and informed service.

To help cannabis consumers acquire the purchasing experience they desire, recreational marijuana shops could be ranked according to the employees’ rankings. This ranking would be public knowledge, listed on websites and on the outside of the establishment. It is true that some consumers are comfortable buying from level one budtenders. The bottom line is that budtender transparency in the recreational marijuana industry is very beneficial, in all aspects.

What are your thoughts about budtenders with no experience consuming cannabis? If a recreational marijuana retail store only had ‘trained’ budtenders who have never consumed cannabis, would this make you want to visit another store?

3 Marijuana Strains For ‘Hawk Fans That NEED to be Created

Seattle Seahawks cannabis strains

By now, you’ve heard of Beast Mode O.G, the strain bred by Nate “Diggitty” Johnson in honor of Marshawn Lynch’s unstoppable presence on the field and his dominating role in the Seattle Seahawks’ 2014 Super Bowl victory. But have you heard that Johnson has created a new version of your favorite Seahawks-themed buds, Beast Mode 2.0, to celebrate the Seahawks’ upcoming trip to Phoenix?

12th Gram Life Gardens

Even better yet, Seattle-based I-502 producer/processor Life Gardens has come up with The 12th Gram, a kush-based strain perfect for your Super Bowl festivities. Here at High Above Seattle, we’ve been thinking a lot about cannabis’ involvement in the occasion, and have come up with 3 strains for Hawks Fans that NEED to be created. Break out your blue and green, get ready for the big day, and imagine smoking these sweet Seahawks-inspired varieties to support your favorite Hawks!

Russell Wilson Dangeruss Diesel

Dangeruss Diesel

Much like the Seahawks’ fearless leader, you need to keep your head in the game on the big day, and you don’t want to be bogged down by a heavy indica. Hit a bowl of some crystal-encrusted Dangeruss Diesel to stay focused when it really counts. Familiar chemical, diesel flavor and a heady buzz will hit right away and stay with you throughout the game without getting too frenzied or paranoid. You’ll be ready for anything, just like Russell, with these nugs.

interceptor OG Richard Sherman

Interceptor O.G.

After smoking this heavy hybrid, you’ll be imagining partaking with Richard Sherman! Number 25 himself couldn’t hit harder. While O.G. Kush’s origins are tough to trace, we think its enigmatic, best-of-both-worlds smoke are a perfect pair for the intense interceptor Sherman is known to be. These buds will have that characteristic O.G. flavor, with a solid heady buzz and a strong body high. You’ll feel like the best in the game after a bowl of Interceptor O.G – just make sure not to run your mouth afterwards.

Bam Bam Kush Kam Chancellor

Bam Bam Kush

Tae Rhee of Rain City Cannabis came up with this one in an interview with High Above Seattle earlier this month, and we’re glad he did! We’re hoping someone can come up with a strain that is as heavy hitting as Kam Chancellor. A nice kush hybrid will have a Kam-worthy body hit, but won’t be so overwhelming that you can’t keep your eyes on the big game. You’ll be relaxed and ready for anything, without losing your focus or your attention span. Bam Bam Kush is ideal for keeping you levelheaded while you sit on the very edge of your seat to cheer on Kam’s big hits.

Who else on the Seahawks deserves their own strain, and what kind of strain do you think it should be? With so many great players it can be hard to narrow it down to who deserves it the most, but what about Earl Thomas III? Brandon Mebane may be out for the season, but who can forget that incredible belly roll dance? Or maybe just a strain for the entire Legion of Boom? Let us know what you think in the comments, and have a great time watching the Hawks in the Super Bowl!


420 Inspired Sounds: Real Don Music 7″ Release Show Friday At Lo-Fi

Real Don Music Seattle

Seattle based Real Don Music is playing a show at Lo-Fi on Friday the 19th to coincide with the release of their “Emeralds and Angels”/”Smoke By Day” 7”. Real Don Music is the brainchild of Kirk Huffman, a veteran member of the Seattle local music scene. I spoke to Kirk about the show, the band and his opinion about recreational marijuana in Washington.

Real Don Music got its start in 2013 when their first track, “Emeralds and Angels,” was released late that year. Kirk, lead vocalist and creator of the group, is perhaps best known as the former front man of Kay Kay and His Weather Undergrounds, who opened for RX Bandits and Portugal. Drawing from a variety of influences, Real Don Music uses samples, deep, groove-filled bass lines, sharp synths and a live horn section alongside Huffman’s striking vocals to achieve smooth swing in their lively sound.

If you watch the brilliantly animated music video for “Emeralds and Angels,” it’s not hard to hear comparisons to James Mercer and Danger Mouse’s collaboration, Broken Bells. Kirk’s vocals alongside futuristic synths give the song an almost ethereal quality, with the horn section working alongside deep bass lines to give the song a slick slide.

A far cry from Broken Bells comparisons is the record’s other side, the excellently titled “Smoke By Day.” Sampled vocals and the horns give the song unmistakable swing and stomp, giving it what one reviewer referred to as a “new age rat pack” vibe. When those horns pull back with an almost haunting quality, even a first listen is rewarded with a sense of intricacy and depth.

With a song titled “Smoke By Day” I couldn’t help but ask if marijuana was a part of Kirk’s creative process. “Yeah, Definitely.” Kirk wrote back, “If you’ve never smoked marijuana and listened to music, here’s a tip:  it sounds SUPER COOL, some would even argue much better than without marijuana.”

Real Don Music

We also spoke about the state of recreational marijuana and the impact of I-502 in general. Kirk wrote “I voted for I-502, knowing full well that it wasn’t a perfect plan from my perspective, but I was primarily concerned with getting away from dealer/black market culture and the high number of poor and young colored people being incarcerated for small amounts of marijuana and figured we needed to just “get with the future” and legalize, tax and regulate store purchased marijuana while understanding that over time the people’s climate would dictate the kind of change I wanted to see.”

Kirk, well-versed in the specifics of the law and how the government could improve their methods of managing recreational marijuana, ended with this. “I’m for legal home growing for personal use and a regulated supply and demand-based economic system for 18+ recreational marijuana purchasing that is free of the Washington state LCB oversight (they’re under-funded and under-staffed as is) and instead regulated by the states agriculture department like any other vegetable, fruit, grain or herb and taxed fairly depending on product use… otherwise, people will get marijuana however they can and that’s going backwards instead of forwards.”

Real Don Music Seattle

When I asked what was in the future for Real Don Music, Kirk told me that they just returned from filming a music video for “Smoke By Day” in the Mojave desert, and that they would be releasing the much anticipated 6 song “Dank Sinatra” EP in the early spring, followed by some touring after that.

Real Don Music plays at Lo-Fi on Friday, January 23rd with Bardot, Uh Oh Eskimo, and Sunshine Subconscious. ”Emeralds And Angels” is available on iTunes.

Check out more photos of the band.

Health Benefits of Marijuana for Healthy People

health benefits of marijuana for healthy people

Marijuana use is helpful for many people who suffer from chronic pain, eating disorders and anxiety. However, smoking the versatile plant is not only for the sick, but is highly beneficial for healthy people as well. Accordingly, the recreational marijuana industry is steadily growing, allowing people who simply enjoy smoking marijuana to do so legally. Marijuana legality encourages those who are healthy to explore the everyday benefits of marijuana, of which there are many.

Stronger and Healthier Lungs?

It is now common knowledge that tobacco cigarette smoke is harmful to both the smoker and people within radius of the smoke. Marijuana smoke does contain some of the same constituents as cigarettes; however, studies have shown marijuana smoke to be largely beneficial, rather than harmful. One study in particular, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, concluded that the lungs of recreational-marijuana smokers were stronger and healthier than those of cigarette, or non smokers. In this study, the lung capacity of marijuana smokers increased over the course of 20 years.

Some recreational marijuana smokers, particularly those with respiratory ailments like asthma, have complained about respiratory strain after smoking cannabis from rolled paper or pipes. For these particular ailments, vaporizing marijuana would be most beneficial. This is because vaporizers only heat marijuana enough to release beneficial cannabinoids, without toxins and smoke– where the tobacco constituents reside. This would also allow for asthmatic or other ailed smokers to respect their particular health needs while still enjoying the unparalleled metabolic and creative benefits that marijuana provides.

Healthier Metabolisms?

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine concluded that marijuana smokers have healthier metabolisms and a beneficial reaction to ingested sugar. So, for those people who give in to food cravings while smoking, their bodies have an easier time digesting the sugar while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. While a marijuana smoker is enjoying optimal digestive function, he or she should also cater to creative outlets, such as writing or painting.

Improved Brain Function?

One common misconception tied to individuals who use marijuana is that they are less coherent and unable to produce complex or creative ideas. A study by the Australian National University  concluded that the amount of pot consumed has no measurable impact on cognitive performance. So, insisting that stoners are aloof or stupid because of recreational toking has no scientific bearing. On the contrary, marijuana smokers often experience improved semantic priming ability- where when prompted with one word the test subject is asked to quickly come up with a related word. This study concluded that recreational marijuana smokers are capable of developing advanced intellectual ideas from simple words.

In terms of being a harmful vice, marijuana is given a clean bill. No clear connection has been made between marijuana and deadly disease, while the negative side effects of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption are vast and well known. Marijuana use is credited for enhanced lung capacity and improved metabolic function, as well as the development of creative and intellectual ideas. Smoking marijuana has helped countless people live happy, healthy and creative lives. In the grand scheme of existence, what is more important than a life well lived?