2 Glaring Differences Between Washington & the Newest Legal Pot State: Alaska

Alaska 3rd state to legalize marijuana

Alaska has just become the 3rd state in the country to officially legalize recreational marijuana. This begins the long and tedious process of creating the rules to regulate the industry.

This means the first recreational pot shop to grace the landscape of the great frontier will not be until next year. Until then, Alaskans won’t be able to purchase weed legally, but they do have a way to obtain it which leads us to the 2 glaring differences between Washington State & Alaska recreational marijuana laws.

1. You can grow marijuana plants in the privacy of your home in Alaska, not in Washington

Despite being the first state in the country to officially legalize marijuana, Washington has lagged behind Colorado and now Alaska, in allowing residents to grow marijuana in their own home. Under the current law, it is illegal for Washingtonians to grow their own marijuana, unless you received a license as a producer. In Alaska, you can now grow up to 6 plants in your home.

2. $100 fine if you are caught consuming marijuana in public? OUCH!

It is illegal in both states to smoke marijuana in public. But the main difference is in the fines. In Washington, if you are caught smoking in public, you are looking at a $27 fine – which is the same as consuming alcohol in public. Even so, public consumption of marijuana laws are very relaxed.

In Alaska, the law for public consumption of marijuana is strictly enforced with $100 fines.


Get Ready for CannaCon, Tommy Chong, and Cheryl Shuman Beginning Thursday!

Tommy Chong Cheryl Shuman Seattle CannaCon

This Thursday thru Saturday, the nation’s largest cannabis expo, will be held at the Seattle’s Pier 91 Smith Cove Event Center. The expo hall will be open from 10am-6pm every day.

CannaCon will be packed full with seminars related to almost everything cannabis, guest speakers of all expertise, cannabis entrepreneurs and vendors. If that’s not enough, Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong fame will be there, along with the one and only Cheryl Shuman who’s responsible for the famous Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.

According to CannaCon’s website:

“CannaCon is dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships within the emerging cannabis industry. It is our mission to provide a global venue for CannaBusinesses, entrepreneurs, Investors, and community partners to showcase industry products, people and innovations; to cultivate business values within the cannabis industry through education and responsible community involvement.”

For more information check out CannaCon’s website.

Tommy Chong Cheryl Shuman Seattle CannaCon

Write and Run: Will poor and misleading journalism have an impact on our young recreational marijuana industry?


Komonews.com just published something with words in it and a number. The so called article is titled, “District: Pot to blame for most school discipline in Seattle. Of course, the article starts off by stating: “A disturbing trend has been identified in Seattle public schools.” Then is states: “Between the start of the school year and January 7, marijuana made up 77 percent of all disciplinary actions taken against students.” And that’s about it. The rest of the article is a bunch of filler with nothing of value to back up the above statements.

All we know from the writer Joel Moreno is that there is a disturbing trend and 77% of all disciplinary actions against students involve pot. That’s it. Without knowing the actual number of disciplinary actions, how can anyone come up with strong opinion about whether or not it is a disturbing trend? Thanks to the writer, we didn’t have to. He made the opinion for us – on a news article.

In addition, there are over 100 comments on the article but the writer is nowhere to be found in the discussion. He did his job. Wrote an article leaving out all pertinent information except for the info that would attract the masses. He started a fire and ran.

Here’s the thing. We have ventured into a brand new industry. So brand new that we are only two states in the entire nation that have an operating recreational marijuana industry. And while there are a good amount of us that are trying to shape the industry for the best, by creating a culture that is responsible, there are other organizations outside the industry that are more concerned about other things such as how much money they are making off of it. And that’s it.

What kind of impact will poor and misleading journalism have on our young industry? This is tough to say but at the very least, it may delay public perception and acceptance of an industry still trying to find a foothold and thrive.

What kind of impact do you think poor and misleading journalism have on our young industry?

5 Marijuana Apps You Can Use Locally

marijuana apps you can use in Seattle

There are a ton of smart people making great apps that you can use to help you find and learn about marijuana in Seattle. Unfortunately, the developers of these apps sometimes encounter difficult relationships with Google and Apple, meaning that useful sounding apps may get kicked off the Google Play Store or Apple’s App store. In addition, there are also lots of dead apps flooding these markets whose information may be outdated and not helpful. We took a look and compiled a list of the best marijuana apps available for your iPhone or Android device right now.

Leafly App


Leafly is arguably the king of marijuana related apps. Leafly compiles user reviews of strains, edibles and other cannabis products and then connects it too an in-app map to help you find out where you can pick those products up. The app also compiles marijuana news articles and lots of other cannabis related knowledge, making it a one stop resource for anything you need to know. Combined with a beautiful and functional interface, this is one app that almost invaluable these days.

Weedmaps App


One of the oldest marijuana related apps still on the market, Weedmaps provides a fairly similar service to Leafly, but has an even longer history and index of strain reviews. Weedmaps also has an integrated map function to help you find where you can score the bud, edibles or other products you might want. While Weedmaps might not necessarily outshine Leafly, both are free and well worth the download, especially if you’re having trouble finding the information you want with just Leafly.

Grass City Community

Grasscity Community

Grasscity Community is a fairly simple app that connects to the Grasscity Community forums. The best thing about this app is the strength of community that has been cultivated on the Grasscity forums. Well moderated and very large, with more than 500,000 users, Grasscity Community is an excellent place to go if you want to join or start a conversation about anything weed related. If Leafly or Weedmaps reviews aren’t getting you the answers you hoped for, cruise over to Grasscity and you’ll likely find someone who knows about whatever you’re curious about and would be happy to share.


High There!

This brand new app has been grabbing national headlines with its Tinder-like approach to connecting local smokers to one another. Swipe left and right to start meeting people in your area who share an interest in marijuana with the fun and addictive interface. While this app is new so the user base is still growing, given a couple weeks there should be plenty of fellow marijuana enthusiasts ready to get linked up with High There!



Canary is another fairly young app and is in fact still in invitation only beta testing. Canary was developed in Seattle by two UW students and is a delivery service for medical marijuana patients aiming to provide the same convenient sort of service that many users would expect of uber. Canary was launched with a lot of buzz and some very positive reviews, but it’s worth remembering that marijuana delivery is very much so in a legal gray area and the future of such services is still in question.

Miss Marijuana Say What!? Own MissMarijuana.com and Others for ONLY $1.5 million dollars!

Miss Marijuana

You can’t fault their vision for the future. Or, at least their effort.

At first we thought this was just a joke but apparently Missmarijuana.com and over 300 related domain names are up for sale. Anyone have $1.5 million dollars laying around for undeveloped web properties such as MissMarijuanaDispensary.com or MissMarijuanaHongKongChina.com?

Selling marijuana related domain names is nothing new. If you go to Flippa.com, one of the leading marketplaces for domain names and websites, and search for the term “marijuana,” you will find quite a few domain names for sale. You will also notice quite a few of these domain names have no bids or buyers. Finding a domain name with value is an art and most of them will be left unsold.

Miss Marijuana

Marijuana.com recently sold for $4.2 million dollars. There is a reason for this. Marijuana is the most sought after keyword in the industry. Miss Marijuana – not so much. We can’t see MissMarijuana.com and 300 related domain names selling for $1.5 million dollars but hey, maybe someone has that dough laying around.

But, before you decide to fork over $1.5 million, keep in mind that it costs roughly $10 per domain name per year. You’re looking at $3,000 per year to keep these domain names.