Avitas Agriculture Shows Off Fresh Clean Packaging

Avitas Agriculture Marijuana Growers Seattle


Refreshing. A while ago we wrote about the importance of packaging design and how it caps off and helps captivate the buyers experience. Especially, when it’s something that was once taboo and with such a colorful history as cannabis.

The packaging design of a product, the design of an interior, or design of anything should not be taken lightly as all the pieces as little as they may seem, help to shape the industry as a whole and add color to it. Not only have we used the marijuana industry in Amsterdam as an example, but we have shown early signs of cannabis businesses and establishments in Seattle (and the surrounding areas) adding a little extra effort to help create an image.

For example, the Amsterdam themed farmers market in Lake City, the Green Lion Farms sticker wall in the employee lounge, the soon to be Legal beverages from Mirth Provisions, and the cannabis packaging from the once recreational Winterlife Cooperative delivery service.

So, yes, it was refreshing for us to see some effort by Avitas Agriculture to help make our industry even more colorful. Enjoy.

Avitas marijuana growers packaging design

Photos by Avitas Agriculture



Making My Own Marijuana Edibles: A Failed & Expensive but Tasty Experiment

Failed Experiment Marijuana Infused Edibles


cannabis infused edibles

I am a relatively new adopter of marijuana and started regularly smoking late last year. Like any closeted suburb kid, I was eased into enjoying marijuana by my good friends: a veritable collection of transplant Seattlites who work hard and take their relaxing time seriously. These were also the people that brought me my first edibles: chocolate chip cookies and brownies that tasted like Tollhouse and Pine Sol. While disgusting, these baked goods served their purpose and I was always stupid high after consumption. Sometimes those edibles worked a little too well and two hours into watching a documentary on The Shining, my head would unexpectedly be in the toilet. It was those bad experiences and an overconfidence in our baking abilities that convinced my friends and I that we would start our own business in edibles.

My issues with edibles, based on my experiences, are that most are highly unreliable for dosing and they taste like flour-dusted pine cones and chocolate. Our solution would be to create our own evenly distributed THC-infused butter and bake cookies that might better extinguish the taste of weed. I suggested lemon-rosemary (without the rosemary obviously) butter cookies and snickerdoodles. After this first batch of around 2-3 dozen cookies, we would distribute them to our friends, record their sure-to-be amazing experiences and then we’d make some more cookies, develop a business plan, buy a shop and profit! That’s how all business get started, right?

Cannabis Infused Snickerdoodles

Making your own edibles is surprisingly easy. Any stoner who can operate simple appliances and use a whisk (if you rotate from your shoulder your wrist won’t get tired) can do it. You just need butter, a lot of weed, cookie-making ingredients, stuff for a double boiler, cheesecloth, a stove, an oven and most importantly, a friend who doesn’t mind their kitchen smelling of boiled pine needles for an entire day. Luckily we scrounged those up in a matter of minutes.

First, we made the bud butter. The butter is where the magic lies. THC is soluble in fat and as you may know, the experience of getting high requires your body to absorb THC. We set up a double boiler, melted the butter, added weed, strained it and chilled the butter until hardened. Next, we made the cookies as directed, adding our own homemade weed butter in place of the regular butter and plopped the first batch in the oven.

We greedily grabbed a cookie straight off the pan as they came out. We toasted our hard work, gobbled it down and settled in to watch Fire and Ice and let the cookies do their work. 30 minutes in and we found to our dismay that we were not transported. So we ate another cookie. An hour past. We ate another. Two hours. We had watched the entirety of Fire and Ice stone-cold sober. I got up again, brought out three more cookies and a glass of cold milk for everyone as a sign of defeat and sunk back into the couch. My friend was already rolling a joint.

We didn’t succeed at making edibles. We did manage, however, to make the tastiest and most expensive cookies of our lives. I don’t exactly know what went wrong with our experiment. Maybe we didn’t get the pot hot enough or maybe the butter/weed ratio was off but either way, our short-lived fantasy of becoming the Ethan Stowell of edibles shops were dashed. Being a master of weed cookies probably requires more tools and care than a Spock-shaped oven mitt handled by a girl who never once finished a Julia Child recipe. I think I’ll leave edible making to the pros from now on.

Do you have a story about making your own edibles? Please share it with us in the comments!

Visit Our Neighbor Down South: Portland to Host International Cannabis Business Conference

International Cannabis Business Conference Portland, Oregon


Think about this. Oregon is projected to legalize recreational marijuana in the next election, and if it does, it will join Colorado and Washington State as the third state to make history. That would mean, two out of three states to legalize cannabis first would be neighbors from the Northwest. We would literally have a corner on the market!

To anticipate the possibility of this, why don’t you take a trip this weekend to our neighbor South and attend the International Cannabis Business Conference?

The two day event will take place over Saturday and Sunday in Portland at the Oregon Convention Center and will offer education to cannabis related businesses in every sector of the industry. For more information about the conference, the keynote speakers, attendees, etc. check out their website!


It’s Just a Plant: A Kid’s Story Book About Marijuana

It's Just a Plant: Marijuana Story for Kids by Ricardo Cortes


We thought we would check out the local public library here on Capitol Hill, just to see what books they might have about marijuana. And much to our surprise – and not in our wildest dreams – did we imagine that we would find a kids marijuana book!

“Marijuana is for people who can use it responsibly. It gives some people joy, but like everything, it can be used too much. I don’t recommend it for everyone. It’s a strong medicine – not good for you right now.”

Dr. Eden, ‘It’s Just a Plant’

‘It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story About Marijuana’, is written and illustrated by Ricardo Cortes. If you don’t know who Ricardo Cortes is, he has been pushing the envelope when it comes to books for kids, most notably for his 2011 release: ‘Go the F**k to Sleep.’ He later released a g-rated version of the same book titled: ‘Seriously, Just Go to Sleep.’

So, a kids book about marijuana?

It's Just a Plant: Marijuana Story for Kids by Ricardo Cortes

This is the part of the story where Jackie finds her parents smoking marijuana


The book begins when Jackie is awakes past her bedtime and finds her mother and father smoking marijuana in their bedroom. Instead of scolding the daughter for getting out of bed past her bedtime and accidentally interrupting their little ‘party,’ the mother –  in a very sweet manner – promises she will explain everything the next day.

The next day involves visiting the local marijuana farmer to learn about the plant, visiting a a doctor to learn about how cannabis is used as medicine, and running into a group of African-American men smoking outside while they are approached by cops. Surprisingly, the cops let the men go without a ticket and explains to Jackie why the drug is illegal and what is being done to change the laws.

We thought the book was really well written and loved the raw illustrations. We also applaud Ricardo Cortes for his cutting edge and progressive ways as a children’s author.

Personally, this book hit home with myself. Just after Cannabis City (the first and only Seattle marijuana retail store) opened its’ doors, I sat down with a 15-year-old child who is dear to me, to educate him about marijuana. After all, we live in a State where it is legal. This book brought me back to that conversation and reaffirmed my beliefs and decision.

While not everyone will read this book to their children, and those that do may have differentiating opinions on what age is best. At the very least, check out the book and entertain the child inside!

Have you educated your child about marijuana? What is the earliest age you would consider this conversation?

Look really close: Do you seewhat appears to be Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Willie Nelson, and reggae singer Michael Rose?

Look really close: Do you see what appears to be Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Willie Nelson, and reggae singer Michael Rose? Of course no one is partaking, they are just talking about laws about marijuana. Of course!


No, Jackie’s mother is NOT emptying her pockets to collect change to purchase some green…she’s just having fun with her child!




Marijuana Entrepreneurs: How to NOT Get Sued & Live Happily Ever After

marijuana lawyers trademark copyright

We will admit, we are not marijuana lawyers that deal with trademark and copyright. But, we feel we do have enough common sense to write about the subject.

For whatever reason, marijuana entrepreneurs sometimes tread a thin line when it comes to trademark and copyright infringement. Especially, local businesses. We are not sure if it’s because marijuana has been away from legal society for so long that some of these entrepreneurs feel they operate in a separate jurisdiction which plays by different rules or what, but some of us are acting a bit like outlaws.

But, if you want to continue living a happy stress free life and not worry about having to stand before a judge or settling out of court with a bag of money, then consider the following suggestions:

High Times marijuana magazine

1) Don’t Have the Entire Name, of the Biggest Brand Known to Weed, As Your Business Name

You can use ‘High’ in your name (ie., Mile High Wellness) and you can use ‘Times’ (ie., Cannabis Times Magazine). But whatever you do, please don’t go naming your business High Times! Even if you add another word at the end! A Washington State marijuana retailer out of Ephrata, Wa, High Times Station, is currently being sued by the company, Trans-High Corp., who owns the famous pot magazine. And if you didn’t know High Times was a brand name, then you probably should’t be in the industry.

A word of warning to ‘High Times’ and ‘High Times Unlimited,’ who are still hoping for a Washington State recreational retail marijuana license – you may want to change your name.


2) Don’t Name Your Marijuana Edibles Business the Same Name as the Blockbuster Kids Movie, Created By One of the Biggest Kids Brands of All Time

Speaking of names, we suggest that you don’t name your marijuana edibles business the same name as the Walt Disney block buster film: The Incredibles. Yes YOU, Colorado based ‘Incredibles!’ Could you imagine how a child could react if they saw a chocolate bar in the house, branded with the name ‘Incredibles’?

We know – both businesses are in entirely separate industries, but do you really want to risk going up against a mammoth of a corporation when we all know how protective Walt Disney is of their property? Besides, Washington State has already led the way by trying to make marijuana ‘kid-proof’ and I’m sure Disney would love this argument.


3) Don’t Go Up Against the Seattle Seahawks, You Will Get CRUSHED. Just ask the Broncos.

All right, you won’t get crushed all the time, but you may want to consider saving up for a better defense that what the Seahawks have, just in case you have to battle it out in court. With that said, there is a conspiracy theory side of ourselves that wonders if the Hawks and the NFL turn a blind eye here. After all, it publicizes the league even more, which gives them something back in return.

But, just for argument’s sake, you may want to be careful when naming your weed, Beast Mode, after the star running back; using likenesses of the Seahawks trademark in t-shirt design; and painting the mascot of the team on the side of a bus smoking a joint. We like your intentions, just be careful.


4) Don’t Design Your Weed Edible Packaging After Candy Bar Packaging From the Largest Candy Bar Company Ever

We know it’s funny and kind of cute, but really? Do you really want to mess with the largest candy bar company ever? No, Thank you.

A marijuana edibles company based in Colorado had to find out the hard way when they were handed a lawsuit by Hershey’s back in June. And according to the weed edibles company, this was 6 months after they changed their packaging! You don’t want to go up against big mammoth corporations.


Disclaimer: Oh yeah, again, we are not lawyers. These are just suggestions and should be used for entertainment purposes only. But we feel we might be in the right ballpark, with some of these. That’s all.